School case study

Pannal Primary School, Harrogate

Jane Turner, head teacher of Pannal Primary School in Harrogate, describes her experience of working with the IEE as part of the Yorkshire Informed Practice Initiative (YIPI).


How did your school become involved in the project, and how has it evolved?

We work as part of a cluster of local schools. One of these was working with IEE and recommended our involvement.

What did your school hope to gain from working with the IEE on this project?

As a Headteacher new to my school, I was keen to get a wider perspective on school improvement and felt that involving research-based information would benefit our self evaluation.

What have been the benefits of being involved in the YIPI project?

It has been very helpful to have some research-based input. Our parent body have appreciated having access to up-to-date information to help them with their questionnaire responses.

Have you had to overcome any challenges in order to take part?


Have you had to source any funding for the project?


Has working with the IEE been as you expected it would be?

Better. The input was very much focussed on OUR needs and the working relationship between IEE and my senior staff proved to be very productive. It really supported us in our self evaluation process.

Do you have any advice for other schools that may have the opportunity to work with the IEE on similar projects in the future?

Do it! It is really valuable to bring in wider perspectives as it is all too easy for school communities to be inward looking. The wider perspectives help shape views and can be adapted to match the context.

Jane Turner (Headteacher)
Pannal Primary School, July 2011

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