The Yorkshire Informed Practice Initiative (YIPI)

The IEE worked with a small group of schools in our region, helping them with how they might select and use evidence-based programmes.

The project, which is called Yorkshire Informed Practice Initiative (YIPI), involved two elements. Firstly, compiling a directory of research-proven programmes and practices that can be counted on to raise outcomes; and, secondly, developing a process through which schools can use, identify, and implement such interventions in line with their own data and targets.

We worked with four schools in Harrogate (three primary and one secondary) to pilot a process whereby we worked alongside them to provide an evidence-based support service where we support decision-making, strategic planning, and ultimately, change of practice within schools. This involved the following stages:

  • 1. Setting the Scene
    Working with practitioners to investigate children’s progress using schools’ own data. Establishing school strategic targets and objectives.
  • 2. Digging Deeper
    Identifying strategic areas where outcomes could be improved (eg literacy, social and emotional learning), which become the primary focus for the project.
  • 3. A Way Forward
    Establishing where useful evidence is available to inform decision-making in target areas. Identifying a range of research-proven strategies that could improve outcomes in these areas.
  • 4. Managing Change
    Supporting schools to implement evidence-based practices effectively. Providing practical information on implementation (training, management, costs, etc) in addition to evidence.
  • 5. Capturing Outcomes and Sustaining Change
    Encouraging a cycle of enquiry and review, with an emphasis on sustained implementation and gathering evidence of changed outcomes.

As a result of their involvement in the YIPI pilot, all the participant schools have changed some aspect of school practice, or are planning to implement a new programme or strategy.

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