Success for All

Longitudinal Evaluation

Success for All (SFA) is a whole school improvement strategy that has been proven to increase children’s outcomes. SFA originated in the US, and has been adapted to the UK context. It is now used in approximately 100 schools in the UK, supported by Success for All-UK, a UK registered charity. The reading component of SFA includes systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension.

Between 2008 and 2012 the IEE led a large-scale evaluation of the SFA literacy programme, assessing its impact on the literacy skills of pupils as they moved through school. The evaluation was a matched study involving nearly 40 schools (control and intervention).

Our findings when the children reached the end of Reception and Year 1 were statistically significant, and for the end of Year 2 were positive. In Summer 2012, a further period of assessment took place with the pupils when they reached the end of Year 3.

The SFA study involved Louise Tracey, Bette Chambers, Robert Slavin, Nancy Madden, Pam Hanley, and Louise Elliott.

Related publications

The final report, Success for All in England: Results from the Third Year of a National Evaluation. Technical Report is available here.

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