Using testing to improve the quality of learning in reading

Ocker Hill Academy will evaluate the impact of hypercorrection on the reading comprehension ability of Year 5 pupils.


Testing pupils at regular times to inform areas of weaknesses in pupils’ understanding are used inconsistently across the school. Summative testing is often done in a way that does not affecton learning in the classroom: often, it is carried out, results collated, and then no longer referred to.


Pupils will take three reading tests each term. Following each test a hypercorrection lesson will take place in which reading comprehension skills are explicitly taught, common misconceptions are addressed and the teacher models their thought processes when answering longer questions. Pupils will be expected to make corrections to their test and to make notes of targets and learning points in a reflection notebook.

Lead school 

  • Ocker Hill Academy, Sandwell


  • 9 months – report due September 2018

Download the protocol document