The Meta-Package

St John’s International Academy in Wiltshire will deliver The Meta-Package, a series of lessons on neuroscience, memory and self-regulation with an accompanying language for learning present in all lessons, to Year 7 pupils. They will investigate whether this intervention can increase pupil progress, especially for disadvantaged learners.


Progress 8 data has shown that lower prior attaining pupils at the school, particularly those eligible for free school meals, make less progress than their peers (overall P8 -0.05, disadvantaged P8 -1.24). This places the school in the bottom 10% nationally in terms of progress for pupils eligible for free school meals.


Existing evidence highlights metacognition, self-regulation and mindset as areas which can allow disadvantaged pupils to make significant progress. A teacher in the school has developed a package of interventions called the Meta-Package which includes two distinct aspects:

  • A series of six lessons on neuroscience, memory, metacognition and self-regulation
  • A language for learning based on these lessons used by teachers in all lessons.

The Meta-Package will be delivered to Year 7 pupils in their tutor groups.

Lead school

  • St John’s International Academy, Marlborough


  • 14 months – report due September 2018

Download the protocol document