Science learning journals

Heathfield Community College will evaluate the impact of using learning journals in science lessons for one academic year on the recall and application of science knowledge for Year 6 pupils.


The recall and application of Key Stage 2 science concepts on entry to secondary school can vary between pupils who attend different primary schools. Increasing all primary pupils’ recall and application of Key Stage 2 science would provide a more consistent starting point for Key Stage 3.


Learning journals will be used during Year 6 science lessons. Pupils will reflect on their own learning, write any questions they have at the end of the lesson and how they could seek answers to these questions. These will be used by classroom teachers and specialist science teachers to plan lessons that extend on and address these questions raised as well as addressing misconceptions. CPD sessions will be delivered by specialist science teachers to all participating primary teachers focusing on KS2 science curriculum areas and beyond so that these teachers are more confident in addressing misconceptions and extending beyond the KS2 curriculum (CPD sessions will be delivered to teachers of both intervention and control classes, but only intervention classes will use learning journals).

Lead school

  • Heathfield Community College, East Sussex


  • 16 months – report due October 2019

Download the protocol document