Retrieval practice in primary science lessons

Old Hill Academy will evaluate the impact of retrieval practice, in the form of multiple-choice quizzing, during the teaching of one science unit on performance in science tests for Year 2–5 pupils.


In 2010, the end of Key Stage 2 science SATS were aborted. However, sampling tests in Year 6 continue and indicate that the standard in science is low; the gap between FSM children and non-FSM is significant and results are declining. Consequently, pupils are starting secondary school with a lack of scientific knowledge and therefore need to play ‘catch up’ to stay in touch with the already demanding curriculum.


Pupils will answer multiple-choice questions using the quizzing app Socrative at the beginning of science lessons. Each 10 minute quiz will test pupils’ knowledge and application of information learnt in the previous lesson. Questions will be aligned to the National Curriculum objectives for each unit of work studied.

Lead school   

  • Old Hill Primary School and Nursery, Cradley Heath

Schools Involved

  • Old Hill Primary School and Nursery Academy, Cradley Heath
  • St James CofE Primary School, Oldbury


    • 7 months – report due September 2018

Download the protocol document