Reading Masters

Vauxhall Primary School will evaluate the impact of Reading Masters delivered over an academic year on the reading skills of pupils in Year 4.


Vauxhall Primary School is an outstanding school in the heart of inner city London. The school has higher than the national average of pupils who have English as additional Language (62%). More often than not children enter the school with little or no English language meaning that reading comprehension has always been a focus. After the change in SATs, attainment in reading decreased highlighting the need for a new strategy to accelerate reading across the school.


Reading Masters is a programme for reading fluency and comprehension. Each day a specific reading skill is taught, modelled and practised in a whole class setting: these skills are text and talk fluency, retrieval, inference, structure and grammar, and points of view (prediction and wider context). Each session lasts for  30 minutes and is delivered by the class teacher.

Lead school

  • Vauxhall Primary School, London

Schools involved

  • Vauxhall Primary School
  • Wyvil Primary School
  • Herbert Morrison Primary School
  • Ashmole Primary School
  • Immanuel St Andrew Primary School
  • Jubilee Primary School
  • Heathbrook Primary School


  • 17 months – report due October 2019

Download the protocol document