Reading Fluency for disadvantaged pupils

Garden Fields School are evaluating the impact of a small-group reading fluency intervention on the reading comprehension of children in Year 4, 5 and 6 who are working below age related expectation.


The National Curriculum changes in 2014 brought about a raised expectation in reading breadth, and vocabulary needed to be able to achieve ‘age related’ at the end of Key Stage 2. Our school, like other schools nationally, is finding that an increasing number of children are going into Year 6 ‘at risk’/‘on the cusp’ of not achieving age related expectation.


Herts for Learning have created a Reading Fluency Project, which utilises fluency strategies to improve reading comprehension and broaden children’s vocabulary development. Pupils working below age-related expectation in Years 4, 5 and 6 will have two 20-minute reading sessions each week: the first will focus on reading fluency and will involve teacher modeling of fluent reading, an echo read and a performance read while the second will focus on reading comprehension.

Lead school

  • Garden Fields School, St Albans


  • 6 months – report due March 2019