Low stakes quizzing

Heathfield Community College will evaluate the impact of low stakes quizzing for 10 minutes a week, compared to less rigid, structured quizzing, across an academic year on the application of subject knowledge and progress in Year 8 history and geography pupils.


Pupil knowledge retention from one lesson to a next, from topic to topic and by the end of each academic year varies, having implications for pupil progress throughout the academic year. Some pupils struggle to recall knowledge acquired from a previous topic and then apply it when developing knowledge and skills in a later one. Consequently, pupils can end Years 7 and 8 with only surface knowledge of history and geography which limits their progress and has longer term implications for further study at Key Stage 4.


Research suggests that regular low stakes quizzing has a positive outcome on pupil progress but the impact that this has on developing a conceptual understanding of the subject is unclear. The innovation therefore lies in using low stakes quizzing regularly to recall core knowledge over an academic year with a large cohort of Key Stage 3 pupils in two humanities subjects.

Lead school

  • Heathfield Community College, East Sussex

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