Implementation of Knowledge Organisers in Year 8 English lessons

Claremont High School Academy are conducting a research project to see if use of Knowledge Organisers and regular quizzing improves pupils’ knowledge and therefore improves their assessment scores.


As the examinations in English have moved to a linear set up, pupils need to rely significantly on memory. They need thorough and in depth knowledge of the texts they study, including contextual information and subject terminology, as well as the knowledge of the skills needed in order to succeed.


Pupils will be given Knowledge Organisers at the beginning of a new unit of work with all the knowledge they are expected to know for the unit. Teachers will encourage Knowledge Organisers to be used in lessons to complement and assist with pupils’ work. The first five minutes to every lesson will involve a five-question knowledge recap covering knowledge included in the knowledge organiser and learnt in lessons from the previous day, week or unit. Teachers will circulate to gain an indication into pupil knowledge, and identify any pupils that need further support during the lesson.

Using Knowledge Organisers will have the added advantage of reducing teacher workload and increase pupils’ accountability for their own success. Homework activities will include a mixture of filling in blank organisers and revising from them.


Lead school

  • Claremont High School Academy