Evaluating the impact of Mastery English on reading ages in Year 7 and on teacher workload

Notre Dame High School will trial the use of a Mastery English approach in Year 7 to evaluate whether it impacts on reading comprehension and overall reading achievement. They will also investigate whether there is an impact on teacher workload.


Pupils who have a lower reading age find it harder to access materials in all subjects; pupils who are able to read better are therefore in a better position to make progress in all of their subjects.

In addition, pupils arriving at secondary school often have a progress dip, with less progress made in English than in maths in Year 7.


A disciplined Mastery English six-part lesson structure (engage, introduce, consider and practice, going deeper, independent task, reflect with checkpoints after each stage of the lesson) will be used to teach two set texts. These texts will be the starting point for all teaching activities during the periods concerned.

Lead school

  • Notre Dame High School, Sheffield


  • 15 months – report due April 2019

Download the protocol document