Greenshaw High School will evaluate the DoNow+ innovation to test whether it improves the performance of Year 8 pupils when responding to analytical questions in history and in English.


The demands of the new GCSE and A-level qualifications put a much greater emphasis on retaining considerable content knowledge in the long term memory. Many schools have focused on developing different ways to address this increased rigour, changing their curriculum plans and sequences, as well as altering their teaching methods. A lot of these changes take significant time and resources and there is limited evidence as of yet to their impact on pupil learning. We wanted to develop an innovation that exploited the boost in pupil learning through regular retrieval and elaboration without having to wait years to rework our curriculum.


Every lesson will begin with ten highly-structured recall questions and one carefully planned elaborative question, designed to test pupils’ substantive knowledge from different parts of the curriculum. Teachers will be trained to make decisions about the next steps for the lesson based on answers to questions about the previous lesson.

Lead school

  • Greenshaw High School, Sutton

Other schools involved

  • Orchard Park High School


  • 9 months – report due October 2019

Download the protocol document