A Book For Governors

Understanding schools, and governing effectively

Governors bring with them a wealth of skills and experience, but for many what is missing is a working knowledge of the school itself.

This book, published in 2012, gives a clear overview of these issues, and, more importantly, it will help you to identify the things that matter in your school.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad details of school life, but this book cuts through that, and helps you find the big issues. More than that, it suggests the questions to ask, and the information you will need, to help support your school perform to the best of its ability.

The book is available for £5, including postage and packing. Please send a cheque, made payable to the Institute for Effective Education, to the IEE, Berrick Saul Building, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD. For other enquiries contact info@the-iee.org.uk

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