Sandwich lessons

Linking of GCSE exam questions to enquiry based questioning and learning in lessons to increase attainment and progress of pupils in Year 9

Wigmore High School will evaluate whether using a Learning by Question strategy over two terms improves the progress of middle-attaining Year 9 pupils in maths and chemistry in comparison with their lower- and higher-attaining peers who do not experience the use of Learning by Question resources.


Pupils’ ability to answer exam questions successfully can limit their success in summative assessments. Pupils will present a range of difficulties when attempting questions; however, many pupils display the following struggles:

  1. The problem of retaining a large number of facts for the new GCSE curriculum.
  2. A difficulty in understanding how this knowledge links to examination questions.


Pupils in the intervention class will experience our Learning by Question intervention.

Each lesson includes a recall element, an application task and, when appropriate, misconceptions will be addressed using the Learning by Question tools.

The tasks will be selected from the Learning by Question resources and pupils will have access to tablets in order to complete and mark them. The teacher may use the interactive whiteboard to dissect and talk the questions through with the pupils when appropriate. In addition, exam questions will be a key resource in addition to the above.

It is expected that the resources used will, on the whole and aside from the initial lessons, not be pre-planned and will be based on the teacher’s own assessment for learning to meet the needs of their class best – as explained above.

Class 2 will be exposed to the innovation every lesson for their chemistry and maths lessons.

The two control classes (class 1 and class 3) will not experience the use of Learning by Question tablets and resources.

Lead school

  • Wigmore High School

Year levels

  • Year 9


  • science and maths


  • 7 months

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