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Standing on the threshold

Posted on 5 November 2020

In this blog post, Jonathan Haslam looks at whether threshold concepts is a useful theory in the context of evidence use in schools

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Should schools be taking consent to teach?

Posted on 29 October 2020

In this post Jonathan Haslam discusses the role of consent, specifically informed consent, in schools.

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What are active ingredients?

Posted on 22 October 2020

Jonathan Haslam discusses the usefulness of “active ingredients” in implementing evidence-based approaches in education

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Unplanned analyses, data dredging and cherry picking

Posted on 15 October 2020

Dr Alicia Shaw discusses data analysis, and specifically the dangers of carrying out unplanned analyses on results from scientific research.

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What difference does it make?

Posted on 8 October 2020

Jonathan Haslam looks at whether expectations about what evidence-based education can achieve are always realistic when it comes to closing the achievement gap

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Teaching the science of learning

Posted on 2 October 2020

Many teachers are really interested in the field of cognitive science in education at the moment, but how applicable is this research to pupils in primary and secondary classrooms in the UK? To try to answer this question, Dr Alicia Shaw looks at Weinstein’s Teaching the Science of Learning.

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Posted on 8 January 2020

Each year we publish a seasonal round-up of our favourite studies of the year. There’s nothing systematic about the selection, just a mix of the interesting and the different

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Celebrating 200 issues of Best Evidence in Brief

Posted on 14 November 2019

This week we have sent out the 200th issue of Best Evidence in Brief. Produced by the IEE in collaboration with the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, Best Evidence in Brief has been sent out every two weeks since the very first issue in November 2011.

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Can schools be expected to solve the obesity crisis?

Posted on 1 November 2019

Schools are often seen as the first line of defence against many of society’s problems, but how easy is it to actually make a difference? IEE’s Jonathan Haslam looks at the evidence.

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E4I focus on ScratchMaths

Posted on 2 May 2019

Following an Education Endowment Foundation evaluation last last year of ScratchMaths, we have added the intervention to Evidence4Impact, and have rated it as having ‘no impact’ for primary maths.

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