E4I focus on ScratchMaths

Posted on 2 May 2019

Following an Education Endowment Foundation evaluation last last year of ScratchMaths, we have added the intervention to Evidence4Impact, and have rated it as having ‘no impact’ for primary maths.

Interventions included on E4I are given a rating to show how well their effectiveness is supported by high quality research. Ratings range from ‘not evaluated’ to ‘strong’, and are based on the results of studies which meet our inclusion criteria.

ScratchMaths is a two-year computing and mathematics curriculum designed for pupils aged nine to eleven years old (Years 5 and 6), supported by teacher professional development. The aim of ScratchMaths is to enable pupils to engage with and explore important mathematical ideas through learning to program. The curriculum is designed to be delivered over two years with three modules of activities per year.

The intervention uses ‘Scratch’, a free online programming environment, to integrate coding activities into mathematical learning. The ScratchMaths curriculum is available through the UCL Institute of Education.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) evaluation (2018) looked at the impact of the ScratchMaths curriculum on KS2 maths attainment. Previous research has shown that pupils with better computational thinking skills do better in maths. 110 schools were involved in the trial, in seven areas across the country. Pupils were expected to be taught ScratchMaths for at least one hour every fortnight.

The study found a positive impact on computational thinking skills at the end of Year 5. However, there was no evidence of impact on Key Stage 2 maths attainment when pupils were tested at the end of Year 6. The study found a mean effect size of +0.00 for primary maths.

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