Evidence 4 Impact: Let us know what you think

Posted on 5 December 2018

The past few months have seen many changes at Evidence 4 Impact (E4I). The new version of E4I went live earlier this year and the site is now linked in to the Education Endowment Foundation Teaching and Learning Toolkit. As E4I continues to evolve we would love to know what you think of the site and find out more about the way in which visitors are using E4I. If you regularly use any interventions we haven’t included or can think of a way the site would be more useful in supporting you to use evidence-based interventions then please let us know by completing this short user survey.

We are also keen to include practitioner voice on E4I, this will provide valuable accounts of how other teachers have experienced implementing  some of the top rated interventions. If you have experience of using interventions with a ‘Strong’ or ‘Moderate’ rating or you have changed your practice or selected a new intervention based on the information on E4I then please let us know.

We aim to keep E4I up-to-date with new high-quality research as it comes available. We have set up a newsletter to keep you informed about new interventions and new ratings as they are added to the site, if you would like to receive our half-termly newsletter please sign up to the mailing list here.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on this blog as we continue to focus on new interventions and new research.

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