Evidence for Impact and EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit integration

Posted on 17 October 2018

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Evidence 4 Impact (E4I) have created links between the two sites to make it easier for educators to make informed decisions about what is likely to have a real impact in their setting. Together the two sites present approaches and interventions to improve teaching and learning supported by high-quality research.

E4I is a website from the Institute for Effective Education supporting educators in using evidence-based practice in order to improve outcomes for children.

The E4I site has a searchable database of interventions available in the UK and provides information about what has proven to be effective, and in what circumstances. The database uses a simple evidence rating system and can easily be searched by key stage, targeted group and type of practice. Interventions are rated by their impact on a range of educational outcomes at primary and secondary level including maths, reading, writing, science and will soon include social and emotional outcomes. This enables educators to tailor results to the specific needs of their class or school.

The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research. It provides guidance for teachers and senior leader on how to use their resources to improve learning outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children and young people.

The Toolkit presents approaches to improving teaching and learning, each summarised in terms of:

  • its average impact on attainment;
  • its cost;
  • the strength of evidence supporting it.

The Toolkit does not make definitive claims as to what will work to bring about improvement in a new context. Rather it attempts to provide valuable information about what it likely to be beneficial based on existing evidence. Both the Toolkit and E4I are updated on a regular basis as new findings become available.

The integration of the two sites aims to provide educators with more options for using evidence to improve learning. For many teachers and schools, E4I provides one option for acting on the evidence provided by the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit.


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