Posted on 6 March 2018

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a closer look at some of the educational interventions that are included on the Evidence 4 Impact (E4I) website, starting with Achieve3000 which has been rated as strong for secondary reading.


Achieve3000 is an online literacy intervention that provides non-fiction content for pupils from primary school age to post-16. Metacognitive skills and reading strategies are used to improve the comprehension of informational texts.

It is currently the only intervention on E4I with a strong rating for secondary reading, this is the highest possible rating and lets educators know that the intervention has a good chance of improving pupils’ outcomes if implemented as designed.

A research study by Shannon and Grant in 2015 found that Achieve3000 users made significant gains during the school year and performed better than pupils using the traditional curriculum. A randomised control trial was used involving 46 teachers and 1,012 pupils across 16 schools. Treatment teachers in the study implemented the intervention for two days per week, averaged 90 minutes on the intervention and at least one lesson. The study found an overall effect size of +0.29 for secondary reading.

Findings suggest that the impact of Achieve3000 on reading performance varied by age, with the greatest impacts on pupils aged 14-15.

The intervention is available in the UK through RLS Education.

You can find out how interventions included in E4I are rated here.

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