What is Evidence 4 Impact, and how does it work?

Posted on 23 February 2018

Bridget Blanchard, Evidence 4 Impact Officer

Evidence 4 Impact (E4I) is a website from the Institute for Effective Education supporting educators in using evidence-based practice in order to improve outcomes for children. A new version of the site is now live.

E4I is an independent service that provides teachers and school leaders with accessible information on which educational interventions have been shown to be effective by using a simple evidence rating system.

E4I has a searchable database of interventions available in the UK and provides you with the information about what has been proven to be effective, and in what circumstances, allowing you to make an informed decision about what is most likely to have real impact in your setting with your pupils.

This latest version of E4I rates interventions by their impact on a range of educational outcomes at primary and secondary level including maths, reading, writing, science and will soon include social and emotional outcomes. This enables you to tailor results to the specific needs of your class or school.

The database can also be easily searched by key stage, targeted group and type of practice. The site currently includes 145 interventions and links to providers are included for further information or support.

Interventions included on E4I are presented in a clear and practical way designed to help you bring evidence into the classroom. Each intervention review includes:

  • a rating of its impact on specific educational outcomes
  • a summary of the evidence of its effectiveness
  • an overview of the intervention
  • a Union Jack symbol if the intervention has been evaluated in the UK and has shown some level of effectiveness
  • a link to the provider of the intervention
  • a link to review(s) or studies of the intervention
  • where available, indicative costs for UK schools to implement the intervention

E4I is updated regularly to include new interventions or to take new and high-quality research into account. If you have developed or are using an intervention which is not included in the E4I database but you think it should be, please let us know.

This project has received funding from the Education Endowment Foundation and the Center for Research and Reform in Education contributed to the project.



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