Apply to become a Research School

Posted on 22 November 2016

Applications now open for the next wave of Research Schools

Apply by 12th December 2016

The EEF and the IEE are now looking to appoint a further six Research Schools to begin work in September 2017.

To be a Research School, you will need to have the capacity and reach to deliver the three strands of activity to up to 200 schools in your region. We also expect you to have experience of supporting other schools and teachers through the delivery of training. High-quality external evidence should underpin this training.

Each Research School will receive approximately £200,000 spread over three years (Year 1 – £80,000, Year 2 – £60,000, Year 3 – £60,000). This level of funding will allow the schools to recruit a senior member of staff to lead the work.

To apply to become a Research School, you should refer to the guidance booklet. Applicants will need to log in to the EEF’s Grants Application portal, which can be accessed here.